Eleanor Richardson

Eleanor M. Richardson 

Title: Silent Cry Penn name: N.O. (None Other)

Release date: April 10

Eleanor Richardson is a native Baltimorean who planted a seed to write her first book some time ago. It continued to grow until it developed into a manuscript.

The idea was not cultivated until 2012. She’s earned a master’s in psychology at Coppin State University and a doctorate in Nouthetic Counseling in May 2000.

What was the impetus for writing this book?
It was initiated when I expressed to a dear late cousin who was like a younger sister, and my sibling, Inez, that one day I would write a book about the fast balls and curves that life threw their way, but yet they stood fast and faced life on life’s terms.

The overall theme?
Romance, humor and sadness.

Which character most excites you?
All my characters excite me, but if I must choose, it would be Raye. There is so much that can be shared about her. She is talented,
inquisitive, sexual and adventurous. Her character will hold the reader’s interest and make them anticipate what she will do next.

Who is the book written for?
Silent Cry is written for everyone over 18.

What do you want your readers to learn?
I would hope they realize that life events are not always what one may hope for or expect. There will be good days and others not so good, but there is usually sun shine after the rain. Positive thinking will carry you the distance.

What surprised you about the writing process?
My intension was to write a non-fiction novel, but I was surprised to find that during the development of Silent Cry, I ventured outside the box. This was interesting for me because it allowed me the opportunity to explore and have freedom to be creative.

Any advice for aspiring writers?
Follow your first mind. If you feel that this is something you want to do, then do it. Stick to your belief, be consistent and never convince yourself you cannot see it through. There will be those who will not extend a helping hand, but do not let it get you down because when one door closes, another opens. Continue to be dedicated to your project and remain determined. Remember, if you
do not know where you are going, you will never arrive.