Activists Plan Protest & Rally #SayHerName to Coincide with D.C. March for Vanessa Guillen Protesting Violence Against Black, Brown & Indigenous Women by Police & the Military



WHERE: @ GARMATZ BUILDING, 101 W. LOMBARD ST. Downtown Baltimore

WHO: Peoples Power Assembly and Women in Struggle/Mujeres en Lucha

The Thursday action coincides with the Vanessa Guillen March organized by her parents to demand justice in her case. We will honor all of the women #SayHerName who have been victims of police, racist, military and patriarchal violence.

Baltimore women veterans and their supporters will highlight the racism and sexism of how women vets including transgender women and LGBTQ2S people are treated, particularly Black, Brown and Indigenous women. This includes lack of proper medical care, housing, and physiological support.

Annette Johnson, a veteran and supporter of Black, Brown and Indigenous women veterans, stated, “Women veterans especially Black and Brown are subject to both violence, discrimination and neglect by the veteran’s administration. I have experienced this first hand.”

Johnson along with Ellen Barfield, a representative of the Phil Berrigan Memorial Chapter of Veterans for Peace, along with other women and oppressed genders will also speak out.

Sharon Black, stated, “Rape and sexual violence are an intergral part of the police and military culture. It is a form of terror that is used by U.S. imperialism both abroad and even inside it’s own military as a method of terror, genocide and control.”

Everyone is invited; women and oppressed genders will be speaking. Please wear masks and social distance. If you do not have a mask, we have masks available and snacks.

Organized by: Peoples Power Assembly and Women in Struggle/Mujeres en Lucha