Baltimore-based author A.C. Moore delves into the domain of angels and demons in Even Angels Need Miracles, taking readers on a mystical journey with protagonist Aalon, a guardian angel.

After Satan accuses Aalon of murdering a human he’s been assigned to protect, the fallen angel is forced to await news of his fate in hell. However, Aalon attempts to rectify his accusation by daring to rescue the soul he inadvertently sent to hell.
Now an outcast among his peers, Aalon transcends the afterlife and travels to Earth to seek the assistance of a defense attorney.

“This is an extraordinary adventure into the world of angels, fallens and demons. It sheds light on how they might do battle to manipulate, win or rescue souls,” said Moore in a statement. “On a deeper level, however Even Angels Need Miracles deals with the theme of protecting values, purposeful sacrifice and accepting and allowing for redemption. I’m sure readers will identify with the characters, both human and spiritual in the story and will hopefully ask themselves a few questions – what kind of character do I embody when facing my most grim moments? Could the fate of someone I barely know could ever be worth a steep sacrifice?  After all, we all to some degree are sort of connected. While there are several internal questions a reader can ask him or herself  while reading this book, the one thing I’m certain of is readers pull out of this book is its entertainment quality.”

Even Angels Need Miracles is Moore’s second novel and is part of an ongoing series. According to the author, the book was created to be a “quick, creative and entertaining read with fantasy and charm.”

His first book, romance novel Always Room for Dessert, was published in 2004.

“Even Angels Need Miracles” is available through and Amazon. It will soon be available on the Web sites of Barnes and Noble, Borders and other online outlets.  To view the book trailer, visit, or search for the title on YouTube.