By Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor,

In the AFRO’s “Race and Politics” column published Nov. 21, I wrote the following about the destructive and insidious effects of blight on mostly Black, Brown and poor communities in our city:

530 N. Stricker St. #IsThisYourHouse #FightBlightBeMore (Photo by Sean Yoes)

To state the obvious, Baltimore blight is ubiquitous like summer humidity. Take the harrowing West Baltimore gauntlet of Fulton Ave., for example. Drive up Fulton from the passenger seat perspective, and attempt to take in the structural and spiritual pathology of those neighborhoods. I do it all the time and every time it literally takes my breath away.

For several weeks, the AFRO has published photos of blighted properties around the city with the headline, “Baltimore Blight, Is this your house?” Now, we are asking our readers to contribute to our efforts exposing the dangers of blight on our communities with a focus on crafting solutions to this pervasive problem. If there is a blighted property (and there are thousands in the city) you would like to bring attention to, take a pic of it and send it to:, along with any background information you may have on the property, and use the hashtags, #isthisyourhouse and #FightBlightBmore, in the subject line of your email. Also, if you want to participate directly in the battle to eradicate blight in Baltimore, contact Nneka Nnamdi, whose work in this area is vital.  She is the founder of Fight Blight Bmore, connect with her at:


Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor