Baltimore City law enforcement has renewed its efforts to crack down on the longstanding practice of riding dirt bikes on city streets.

Illegal dirt bike riding has been banned in Baltimore City since 2000. A highly dangerous activity, many dirt bike riders have little regard for local traffic and are often disruptive in the community. Police said many of the bikes are known to be stolen property.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said legal dirt bikes used in public parks are not usually a problem, but when the vehicles are on Baltimore City streets, there are traffic laws that need to be obeyed.

“Dirt bikes are very annoying,” said Kevin Turner, a Baltimore City native. “They are loud and simply disruptive; no one wants to hear that noise all hours of the day. Not to mention, they are highly dangerous around children.”

It is against the law for city gas stations to provide the fuel for dirt bikes, as well as for any individual to possess a dirt bike that is not disabled.

Police have sought community assistance in bringing illegal dirt bike riding under control, asking that anyone with knowledge of illegal dirt bikes provide tips to local police stations via e-mail or phone calls.

“We have illegal dirt bikes on the streets of Baltimore that are a constant disruption to traffic,” said Guglielmi. “Like time law enforcement changes and adapts, we are trying a new strategy this time with more involvement from the public.”


Odessa Mohabeer

Special to the AFRO