By Tashi McQueen,
AFRO Political Writer

On July 14, Mayor Brandon M. Scott and his partner, Hana Pugh, took to social media to announce their first child together.

Baby Charm, affectionately named after Baltimore, is due to arrive during the winter months early next year. They did not reveal whether the child will be a girl or a boy.

Pugh is known as a multi-faceted woman in her position as an operations director at Bmore Empowered, a non-profit that supports Baltimore’s Black and Brown girls through entrepreneurship.

Though this will be Scott’s first child, Pugh already has a 7-year-old son.

Scott’s relationship with Pugh’s son shows promise that Scott will be a good father as they’ve become “best friends” according to Pugh’s Instagram. She also revealed that her son has been inspired by seeing the young Black politician lead and now desires to be Mayor someday – as well as an architect and artist.

During a live-streamed swearing-in ceremony for the new director of Mayor’s Office of Small and Minority Business Advocacy and Development, Christopher Lundy, Scott also announced that he closed on his first house.