Marilyn Mosby (Courtesy Photo)

By AFRO Staff

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has filed to run for re-election for a third term in office. 

On April 12, Mosby released her first campaign video, detailing measures and initiatives that have been deemed successes during her past seven and a half years in office.

 Mosby created the first Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) in Maryland, which investigates allegations of innocence and wrongful convictions. As a result of this work, a total of 12 residents who were wrongly convicted and imprisoned regained their freedom. 

“There is still so much more work to be done,” said Mosby in the video. “But I am more confident than ever that Baltimore is on the verge of scripting our greatest chapter ever.”

Mosby is known internationally as the prosecutor who charged the officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Across the country, she is known as the prosecutor who shook up political norms in 2014 when she garnered 94 percent of the general vote, ousting her formidable opponent who was better-funded and supported in that year’s primary election. Mosby picked up 49.4 percent of the primary election vote in 2016 and 93.7 percent of the vote in the general election that same year.

Mosby’s record in the State’s Attorney’s Office reports an average 90 percent conviction rate for violent offenders. While in office, a 92 percent conviction rate has stood for violent repeat offenders, which Mosby’s office says either match or goes beyond that of her predecessors. 

And that’s no easy feat. 

The city has seen four mayors, five police commissioners and a consent decree from the Department of Justice while Mosby has been in office. There was also the discovery, trial and conviction of several corrupt members of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

The top lawyer in Baltimore is also responsible for creating the Sentencing Review Unit (SRU), which aims to “review and reduce excessive sentences for juvenile lifers and elderly individuals” that qualify.”

Under Mosby’s direction, her office reports that there have been “progressive criminal justice reforms” in what they say can be a model “21st Century prosecutorial archetype” for states across the country.

[I am] living up to my commitment to foster better relationships with the communities and neighborhoods that we serve by breaking down the barriers of distrust,” Mosby said in the video. “Our efforts are driving some of the most progressive criminal justice reforms enacted anywhere in the country and we are holding everyone accountable to one standard of justice, regardless of their job title or their ZIP code.

According to information released by her office, State’s Attorney Mosby has “taken the bold steps of decriminalizing drug possession and sex work; re-imagining prosecutorial priorities.” 

Some say this is why she has been targeted with a four-count indictment this year for actions related to using pandemic perks to draw from her retirement early and purchase two vacation homes in Florida. Mosby’s lawyers have been adamant that she did nothing wrong.

Regardless of the rumors and conversations swirling, Mosby has remained focused.

“I love Baltimore, and I love our people,” Mosby said. “We take whatever is thrown our way and we keep pushing, we keep fighting, we keep moving forward, Baltimore, we’ve come a long way together and the best is yet to come; why? Because we’re built for this.”

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