The BALTIMORE COUNTY DEMOCRATIC STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE (BCDSCC), known as the Baltimore County Democratic Party, was elected on June 26, 2018 during the Democratic Primary Election. A vacancy has occurred due to the resignation of a member of District 12. The remaining members are charged with making a recommendation to the full Committee regarding a new member.

Applicants must be a registered Democratic voter and a resident of Baltimore County’s Legislative District 12. Interested individuals should submit an application, a resume, and a letter of interest indicating their professional, civic and political experience and why they are interested in serving on the BCDSCC. Materials should be e-mailed to with the subject line “BCDSCC District 12 Application” or mailed USPS to BCDSCC, Attention: Nominations Subcommittee, P.O. Box 19092, Towson, MD 21286 no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020.

All applicants will be interviewed publicly, and interviews will be conducted by the remaining Legislative District 12 Democratic Central Committee members between November 9, 2020 and November 13, 2020. Once application materials have been received, applicants will be notified of the exact time of their interview, which will be conducted virtually via ZOOM and streamed live from our Facebook page.

For more information and to download an application, please visit

What is the Democratic State Central Committee?

The Central Committee is the grassroots backbone of the Maryland Democratic Party. Composed of activists and community leaders, it provides a core of enthusiastic workers and organizers. The Central Committee is constituted under Maryland’s Election Law to govern the Democratic Party. Each county and Baltimore City has its own central committee to manage party affairs in its jurisdiction. Central Committee members are elected at primary elections every four years. Any registered Democrat can run for a seat on his or her county’s central committee. To advance the party’s principles and help elect Democrats to public office, committee members register and assist voters, staff events, work at polls and phone banks, raise funds and resources, and support the party organization. In addition, the committee recommends appointments to the governor for the Baltimore County Board of Elections and helps to fill vacancies in certain elected offices.