BALTIMORE – Ten school students from The Baltimore Design School got the chance to meet with first Michelle Obama at the White House Oct. 8.


A spokesperson for the White House said the purpose of the event was to unite professionals already at the top of their game with young up-and-coming designers.

The day before the big event, the tenth graders were hurriedly putting the finishing touches on gowns they had designed with Mrs. Obama in mind.

“I’m really excited,” said 15-year-old Colette Lewis. “I just want to meet everybody. It’s just a really good opportunity.”

Lewis said she used vibrant colors in the dress she designed.

“I like bright colors and the first lady really is classy and elegant. This is something I thought would look nice on her.”

Colette Lewis (r) and another student work on sketches for White House trip.

“I’m thankful that our students are given this opportunity to not only create design, but have this wonderful opportunity to be able to go to Washington, D.C., go to the White House and be able to meet the first lady,” said school principal Melissa Patrylo.

“For Baltimore Design School, this is an opportunity to put our name out there,” Patrylo said. “This opportunity here is one that few people in the country will be able to have…They will be able to meet the designers, ask them about their creativity, what inspires them.”

Bryan Kelly (l) and Edison Estes(r) put the finishing touches on design for White House trip.

The group was expected to meet with high school and college design students and industry experts at the event — designer Diane Von Furstenberg and editor of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour were both expected to attend. Also planned were workshops and a sit-down luncheon with the first lady.

“I realized that this makes me happy, and I want to keep on doing this, said 15-year-old Alexandria Wingate.

She said she was most looking forward to meeting students from other schools and seeing how they use fashion to express themselves.

“And, of course, meeting Mrs. Michelle Obama,” she added.