A revolutionary method of making math easy for students has earned a Baltimore-area teacher the prestigious, National Teacher of the Year Award.

President Bill Clinton conferred the award upon professor Curtis Jones of the ITT Technical Institute in Owings Mills, Md., June 11 at the Collegiate College Association Annual Luncheon and Awards Banquet in Las Vegas.

“We are very proud of Mr. Jones,” said Cedric Harris, associate dean of Academic Affairs. “Throughout his duration he has always had a charismatic and dynamic interaction with the students” and faculty.

The school administrator added, “He had a deep connection with students and is always working for their best interests.”

In 2009, Jones, a former NASA scientist, used his small video production company to create a series of math tutorial DVDs to improve test scores, Harris told the AFRO.

“The videos are like Cliff Notes for math and have been designed to help any student, any age, learn mathematical theories quickly and with ease,” Jones said in a statement.

The DVDs had an immediate impact. Statistical data revealed significant improvement, eventually gaining ITT national recognition for achieving outstanding math scores. “A lot of people in speaking mathematically can be overwhelming. But he was able to break down that confusion in a way can receive,” said Harris, explaining why Jones’ formula was successful.

“Many of our students have speed bumps in math. But since they started using the DVDs, students have been more receptive, more eager and they have a feeling of confidence because they’re able to grasp concepts.”

Jones, who holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and a master’s in science education from Morgan State University, has received other honors, including: ITT National Teacher of the Year Award, 1998 Woodlawn High School Teacher of the Year and 2003 Maryland Minority Achievement Award.

Free introductory videos can be obtained by visiting, www.MathByJones.com.