Alvertis Alexander, Model and Fashion Designer of Alve’. (Photo credit Charise Wallace)

Baltimore Fashion Week held a party in the middle of the event called “The Gala,” a celebration of upcoming Fall fashions. The event took place on August 13 at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore and gave guests, models and designers a chance to put their fashionista skills to the test by focusing on less formal and more fashion.

Baltimore Fashion Week came to an end on Sunday, August 16, and began on Tuesday, August 11. “The Gala” meant nothing more than an on-going celebration of what people of Baltimore have long waited for, as designers got an opportunity to showcase their Fall 2015 designs.  Baltimore Fashion Week revolved around the theme “Wonderland of Fashion,” a reference to the classic 1950’s film Alice in Wonderland, but with a modern twist.

“It looks extremely whimsical in here…the tables are full of the scenes from the movie,” said Rhonda Lingham, a Baltimore County resident.

Walking into “The Gala” was similar to walking into an actual movie, yet, more magical and calm, as the hotel was surrounded a body of water overlooking the city of Baltimore. There was a candy bar table set-up as a way to make everyone feel like they were in a fairytale with generous amounts of candy overflowing. As people walked closer towards the center of the ball room, the movie Alice in Wonderland was projected on a screen above the. 

“Both DC and Baltimore are very similar, but the difference is that the mentality in Baltimore is that we’re more creators than we are followers,” said Marsha William, Baltimore Fashion Week’s Media Coordinator.

According to Baltimore Fashion Week’s website, all of the proceeds for “The Gala” will go towards, REFRESH, an educational program giving homeroom teachers grades K-6 school supplies in preparation of Fall 2015 school year. A reception called, “Education Honors” will also be held to support students in grades 8-12 who contain a perfect attendance record and a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.