Alice Colbert, born Aug. 3, 1906, in Baltimore, is living an exceptionally full life. The spry centenarian has watched her family flourish with five generations and she has traveled to Panama, Mexico, Italy and England.

At 104 years old, Colbert still holds fast to traditions she garnered as a young woman – attending church, baking and gardening. However, he love for cooking is trumped only by her joy of family.

“Her eyes will twinkle with happiness when she is preparing meals, reading books or telling stories of the family history,” members of Colbert’s family said.

Colbert is the oldest of three children and married her childhood sweetheart, John, in 1924. The couple raised three daughters, whom Colbert attributes to her longevity.

The lifelong Baltimorean said her secret to a full, prosperous life is generosity, which has allowed her to cultivate relationships that span numerous states. Colbert can often be heard saying, “My family means everything to me. It’s what keeps me going.”