By Nadine Matthews, Special to the AFRO

Though Baltimore raised actress Bresha Webb has “gone Hollywood”, she makes a point of staying true to her hometown. Webb, who is a graduate of Baltimore School of the Arts, describes it as the “Best high school in the world.”

Webb was in the TWIGS program which meant she took classes there from the age of eight, and then attended the high school proper when she was of age. “Baltimore School of the Arts saved my life,” she tells the AFRO. “Everybody that goes there says the same thing. We had an opportunity to be our authentic self. It was a safe place for us to be different.” Webb is careful to always give back. “I give them money all the time. I’m like, whatever you need. Because I’ve seen so many kids’ lives transform as soon as they have this outlet.”

Bresha Webb is one of the star’s of the new Kevin Hart comedy ‘Night School.’ (Courtesy photo)

Webb may have inherited her charitable bent from her mom Sharon, a Delta in the Baltimore City Metro Chapter. Webb enthusiastically explains, “My mom is a Delta and I give money every year to a program she’s involved in called Spirit In The Arts. It’s a foundation for kids to discover themselves and the art.” It’s obvious Webb is proud of her family’s relationship with the esteemed organization. “I’m not a Delta but you would think I was! Both of my aunts are Deltas too. I have the elephant- I have elephants everywhere. It’s just a big part of my life!”

Webb first gained notice when she played Imunique in the Tatyana Ali comedy “Love That Girl.” She has gone on to be a regular in the NBC comedy “Marlon” and will be featured in the second season of the TNT series “The Last OG” with Tracy Morgan and Tiffany  Haddish, with whom she goes way back. Like other people who know her, Webb describes Haddish as being someone who carries around vast amounts of trivia. Webb says, “She is a YouTube grad. She knows everything. I call her Grandma because she knows everything.”

Her appearance on “The Last OG” will be something of a reunion since she just completed the comedy Night School with Haddish as well. “Night School” also stars another old friend of Webb’s, Kevin Hart and is produced by Will Packer. The film, which is set to be released September 28, stars Hart as a man who goes to night school in order to get his GED. Webb plays his sister.

She explains, “I play Denise, the smart, overachieving, you know, always right sister. Teddy, played by Kevin, is going through it with his grades and he realizes that he has a learning disability and can’t get it together. But his twin sister Denise has always made it look very easy to get high test scores. So we’re always fighting each other. And of course the parents, they play favorites to me.”

Webb, who describes herself as a Christian and attended Baltimore’s Macedonia Baptist Church, had a unique television experience when she was suddenly thrust into the role of lead actress while on “Love That Girl.” Ali was unable to continue on the show due to other obligations and the showrunners asked her to step in. Her relationships made the sudden transition much easier.

“I had a great leader,” she recalls, speaking of Bentley Kyle Evans. “I can’t stress it enough. He believed in me from the beginning.” She brushes off criticism of her “Love That Girl” character as being “ratchet” saying, “I was doing physical comedy. What woman is doing physical comedy? I got thrown off of freaking Rodeo horse into a wall; Lucille ball type of stuff, you know. I don’t see a lot of things like that right now. Women don’t get enough opportunities to be goofy or silly.”

Bresha is so much of a comedian that she is currently working in her own one woman show. “It’s not my main thing but I just love doing standup. I have a one woman show that I’m going to start touring around. It will be like Whoopi Goldberg, Tracey, Ullman. Those women inspired me.” Her one-woman show is called “This My Show” and she is planning on bringing it to Baltimore. It covers her being an actress, her experiences traveling with her mother from Baltimore to New York City when she was a little girl to do auditions, and dating bad boys.