Board of Education unanimously endorses Black Lives Matter resolution

Resolution proposed by Student Member of the Board Omer Reshid

TOWSON, MD. – The Board of Education of Baltimore County unanimously approved the following Black Lives Matter resolution, after it was proposed by Student Member of the Board Omer Reshid, a Pikesville High School senior, at the Board’s June 9 meeting:


WHEREAS, The problems plaguing society are often reflected in schools and can be addressed by facilitating courageous conversations concerning systemic racism, social injustice, racial and ethnic bias, and a unified effort of communities and schools coming together for ALL of our children; and

WHEREAS, Our schools shall be safe havens that practice equality and equity while fostering the belief that every human being deserves to live and be treated with dignity; and

WHEREAS, Board Policy 0100, Equity, affirms the belief that “the school system must address and overcome inequity by providing all students with the opportunity to succeed;” and

WHEREAS, The Board of Education’s Equity Committee will work towards achieving the goals set forth in Board Policy 0100; and

WHEREAS, The Board of Education of  Baltimore County believes that the Board has a special responsibility to understand and intentionally work to undermine racism and other forms of injustice in our curricula, our policies, our classroom culture, and our interactions with our students, parents/guardians, and with each other because our collective future depends on it; therefore, be it

RESOLVED That the Board of Education of Baltimore County declares that the lives of our black students matter, as well as the lives of all of our students of color; and therefore, be it further

RESOLVED That the Board of Education of Baltimore County will proactively invest in diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels and encourages our educators to use resources that are inclusive of all of our diverse learners.