President Joe Biden, left, reacts during campaign event for Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore, right, at Bowie State University in Bowie, Md., Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.

By Deborah Bailey,
Contributing Editor

The victory party for Maryland Democrats commenced the day before 2022 mid-term elections at the Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex on the campus of Bowie State University.

At a rally held the Monday before Election Day, President Joe Biden, and First Lady Jill Biden, Ed. D, celebrated a strong, diverse Democratic leadership ticket that swept mid-term elections in the state.

Together, Governor Elect Wes Moore, Lt. Governor Elect Aruna Miller, Comptroller Elect Brooke Lierman and Attorney General Elect Anthony Brown are the most diverse state leadership team in the country. This point was not lost on the thousands of exuberant students, and residents from across the region who came to hear from their President and Maryland’s new vision of leadership. 

At the beginning of his speech, Biden almost prophetically reminded the crowd pressed into the stadium that the days ahead are critical for America.  

“Our lifetimes are going to be shaped by what happens the next year to three years.  It’s going to shape what the next couple of decades look like, for real,” Biden said.
He added that he’d supported Moore’s campaign from the beginning and bringing the campaign to a close at Maryland’s first HBCU, was symbolic of the future of public leadership in America. 

“Back in August, I came to Rockville to kick off the campaign season with Wes.  And we’re here at Bowie to close it out with Wes and all of you,” Biden continued.  

Moore recounted his roots as a young child growing up without a father, his college days at a two-year institution before entering Johns Hopkins University, and as a US Army paratrooper where he took to heart his campaign slogan “Leave No One Behind.”  

“I love the state of Maryland and I love this country. I am a true and proud patriot as many of you here tonight are true and proud patriots,” Moore said.  

“And starting tomorrow, we are going to leave no one behind.”

Aruna Miller, Moore’s running mate for Lt. Governor and former Maryland State Delegate (D-15) told the audience about her childhood as an immigrant in Maryland.   

“I came to this country from India when I was seven years old. I didn’t know a word of English when I came here.  It was the public school educators who taught me English,” Miller said.   

Miller, who frequently voted with the Maryland Black Caucus when she served as a Delegate from 2010-2018, reminded the audience that the Moore-Miller campaign represented the fight for a new vision for Maryland.  

“It’s about fighting for a Maryland that leaves no one behind. A Maryland that looks like the diversity of our state. Diversity doesn’t look like anyone – it looks like every one of us,” she said.  

Lierman, the first woman elected as Maryland’s Comptroller, said that Tuesday’s election would be consequential for the next generation. 

“This election is not just about the next four years. It’s about the next 40 years to come,” she said.  

Congressman Anthony Brown (D-4) was elected as the first African-American Attorney General in the history of Maryland on Election Day.  

Brown said Maryland had the highest proportion of Black men in prison. “It’s time for this to end.”  

Brown said that having him in the role of Attorney General will make the difference.  

“No one should be in jail for the mere possession of marijuana. There is nothing beyond our capacity if we do this together,” Brown added. 

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