Comedian Bill Cosby

When Bill Cosby answered the question, “When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”, he answered it with a one word reply: “Yes”.  That response appears to have precipitated an apparent change about the opinion of Cosby, who has long presented himself ,and been viewed, as the personification of the American Black middle class family head-of- household through his Dr. Cliff Huxtable character on the popular TV series “The Cosby Show”.

Cosby answered that particular question in a deposition in 2005 that has only recently been reported on by the Associated Press. The disclosure of that deposition has reignited the storm relating to a plethora of sexual abuse allegations hurled against Cosby during the past months.

More than two dozen women, including Beverly Johnson, an internationally famous Black model, and Michelle Hurd, a well known Black actress best known from the “Law & Order” TV series, have come forward saying Cosby committed or attempted various inappropriate acts ranging from drugging and raping them to improper touching. Throughout the period of these allegations, Cosby has continuously and consistently denied every single one of these assertions.

Comments on The Afro’s Facebook page ( about the recently disclosed Cosby admission have in many instances reflected the community’s outrage and disappointment.  There are nevertheless comments, that continue to be sympathetic to Cosby’s plight. As one poster put it, “I AM STILL STANDING BY BILL COSBY…INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY…” Such support prior to the deposition disclosure had apparently been held by a vast majority of the individuals who had previously commented on the Cosby allegations.

There is now a growing number of the community’s responses consistent with the following:

“Stop making excuses for this man. The character he played on TV was upright and morally sound. Bill Cosby the man is not.”

The debate about the once universally idolized Cosby apparently continues to be a hot item on the AFRO Face Book site and throughout the community.  Whatever the eventual outcome will be from this unfortunate series of events, it is our opinion that the luster that once surrounded this celebrity has unfortunately been irretrievably tarnished.  Cosby the comedian, movie actor and TV star will never be the same. But his actions, if the allegations are true, may have already tarnished the lives of the women who apparently are now standing more united than ever in registering their outrage as a result of being his alleged victims.