President Obama and Michelle are some of the Black historical figures on Black History Bowties. (Photo credit: Black History Bowties)

Dante Lee, president and CEO of Diversity Media and, recently re-launched his Black History Bowties, a web site that sells printed neckwear featuring Black heroes.

The online store recently revamped on April 1, after selling more than 300 bowties during its initial run from January to June of 2015.

“The inspiration for my bowties came from the realization that there were no other products on the market with this concept. I appreciate Black heritage and culture and bowties are very trendy,” Lee told the AFRO.

The company is based in Columbus, Ohio and San Diego, California. It features unique hand-crafted, never fading, pre-tied,100 percent double-brushed cotton and polyester products, that include iconic Black heroes.

“We distribute our products through Alibaba, an online global market. Sometimes you have to look overseas to get what you are looking for. I learned to think smarter, not harder and be innovative and unafraid to try new things,” Lee said.

The bowties celebrate things like the life of the first Black major league baseball player Jackie Robinson, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and social reformer and orator Frederick Douglas.

“I started my online websites when I was 19 years old,” Lee said. “I went to Bowie State University , a historically Black university and all of my professors were these smart Black entrepreneurs and I gravitated towards that. We relaunched the first of April and are already doing great with demand.”

The newer and improved bowties are more durable with enhanced quality. They cost $14.95 each, and will soon include Thurgood Marshall and a Harlem Renaissance theme.

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