College enrollment among African-American males lags behind that of Black women, and graduation rates for Black men are the lowest of any ethnic group, according to the “Annual Status Report on Minorities in Higher Education,” a study released by the American Council on Education.?

Similar studies released last year suggest that as Black males drop out of college, some campuses are left with nearly twice as many Black females as Black males.?

According to the organization, two decades ago, 30 percent of Black male high school graduates enrolled in college, compared to 28 percent of Black females. Recent studies found that the percentage of Black male high school graduates going to college has increased to 37 percent while the number of Black female high school graduates has grown to 42 percent.

?However, just 35 percent of Black males enrolled in college graduate within six years compared to 45 percent of Black females, 59 percent of White males and 46 percent of Hispanic men who entered college the same year.