By Brianna McAdoo, Staff Writer,

The Black Press came together to track the Midterm election results.

On Tuesday November 6th, the dynamic duo, journalist and Black Broadway Podcast Founder and host Akil Wilson and AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor Micha Green,  came together for “a national election night podcast” entitled “Voter Expression”.

Hosts Akil Wilson and Micha Green and social media correspondent Malcolm Lemmons during the Voter Expression podcast at Big Chief in Northeast, D.C on Nov. 6. (Courtesy Photo)

District of Columbia natives, Green and Wilson, have hosted and helped with several live video podcasts, including the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) podcast,   #BridgeAllNight, in collaboration with the Washington Informer Bridge and the Black Broadway Podcast.

Held at Big Chief, in the Ivy City neighborhood, the D.C. community communed over food from local catering company Eats by Renee, drinks, politics and the importance of voting. Throughout the night, audience members and the social media community, asked questions in person and online about issues pertaining to voting and how we one can become more informed about elections.

Former professional athlete, author, entrepreneur and Players Point Podcast host Malcolm Lemmons served as the social media correspondent,

The night started off with the podcasters discussing their predictions and updated for the local D.C., Maryland and Virginia elections. They conversed about several local issues and invited special guest speakers involved in area politics to join the conversation. Former Democratic Candidate for D.C’s City Council, Sheika Reid joined Green and Wilson on stage, discussing with them her unconventional journey into politics and ultimately what inspired her to become the change she wanted to see. Reid expressed the importance of having more events such as Voter Expression so millennials and younger generations can begin to involve themselves in more politics.

CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. and AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor Micha Green at the Voter Experssion podcast at Big Chief in Northeast, D.C. on Nov. 6. (Courtesy Photo)

The renowned Civil Rights leader, scholar and CEO of the National Newspaper Publisher Association, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. came to the podcast and shared where his hope lies for the future.

“Our history is that we don’t allow threats, we don’t allow intimidation, we don’t allow fear tactics to keep us from doing our job…I’m so proud of our youth of today- Black youth,” Chavis said.  “I think our youth of today are the most intelligent, most gifted, most talented generation of young people that we are blessed to witness. You just need our encouragement. That’s why I’m here; to encourage you and what you’re doing because we need a new generation of freedom fighters.”

The night was full of great conversation, celebrations and when people were disappointed some hems and haws, as the winners of the midterm elections were announced on the news.

Together this dynamic duo engaged with the D.C. community on why not only #BlackVotesMatter but #BlackPressMatters too.

The event was live streamed on Black Press USA-NNPA (National Newspaper Publishers Association.