An investigation into a Buffalo, N.Y. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent ended on Mar. 1 when FBI and DEA agents arrested 43-year-old Minneta Walker at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Walker, a nine-year TSA veteran, is accused of helping drug dealers pass through security.

CNN reported that Walker’s alleged acts were discovered in an ongoing wiretap investigation, in which authorities uncovered Walker’s carefully crafted plan to aid drug traffickers in getting through security checkpoints.

U.S. Attorney William Hochul told reporters that Walker was involved in directing “some of the subjects of the investigation to specific lines, monitoring the passage of the luggage through the x-ray belt, and walking the subject from the security area” through the airport.

According to reports, Walker has been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States by interfering with and obstructing security measures along with “aiding and abetting another individual in entering an aircraft and airport area in violation of federal security requirements.”

Derek Frank, 30, was also arrested on drug trafficking charges. Hochul said Frank never transported drugs on his trips, but was found with a large quantity of money.

“Mr. Frank would travel from Buffalo to Arizona,” Hochul told the media. “Once in Arizona, he would assist or directly ship packages of marijuana over the mail back to the Buffalo area, where they were then sold on the streets of our community.”

The Associated Press reported that both Frank and Walker pleaded not guilty

Walker faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted, and Frank faces a mandatory 20 years in prison and a $2 million fine.