Las Vegas, NV ( — The current pandemic is showing us the passion of women leaders to fulfill their responsibilities with earnest and mindful precaution for their future results. A Johns Hopkins and Yale-trained doctor, scientist, entrepreneur, and advocate, Dr. Cindy M. Duke, is the new chapter leader of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs – Las Vegas Chapter. During these trying times, an influential and motivational persona like Dr. Cindy can bring people together by creating an environment that fosters innovation in the Las Vegas area and beyond.

Dr. Cindy M. Duke, founder of the Nevada Fertility Institute (Courtesy Photo/Twitter)

To give a brief background, the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is a global organization that serves as an open hub of information, education, and networking for life sciences professionals and their ventures in innovation, for the improvement of healthcare quality. Membership to the organization is open to physicians, dentists, scientists, nurses, allied health professionals, technology specialists, medical science financiers/innovators, and those who may have a general interest in the intersection of Healthcare with innovation. Membership in SOPE was a no brainer for Dr. Cindy who has long been a trailblazer in medical innovation. In light of the current pandemic, it is important to note that Dr. Cindy Duke is already steps ahead in the telemedicine field with the Virtual Women’s Health Clinic that she launched in 2016 for the patients of her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Through her efforts in her professional and advocacy life, she deserves this opportunity to lead SOPE while spotlighting and inspiring more people with her story and her proven ability to leverage extensive networks to bring innovation to the fore.

With this voluntary leadership position, Dr. Cindy aims to amplify her women empowerment platforms, educate more people on the entrepreneurial mindset and provide accessible information about reproductive health and COVID-19 while fostering opportunities for SOPE members within the Las Vegas community to take their own inventions and innovations to the next level – market applicability. She fully understands the scope of how the pandemic is affecting all people, diseases, and every aspect of healthcare; not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. “Though the light may seem dim, please rest assured that it is not extinguished,” she remarked. Dr. Cindy expressed sincere gratitude to SOPE Las Vegas’ outgoing leader and founder, Dr. Tariku Mekonnen, as he moved to Atlanta Georgia. She is currently assembling an executive Board that will help her take SOPE Las Vegas to the next level and seeks to grow its membership ranks through virtual meetings and eventually, in-person gatherings.

Moreover, Dr. Cindy is active in keeping people informed regarding their health and providing avenues where people can engage positively such as with her Girl Powered Success and Survival International Podcast. She is one of the many women who is currently taking on leadership roles and has been proven, tested, and verified to be effective in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities amidst the pandemic.

Her Ties to Las Vegas: About Nevada Fertility Institute

Dr. Cindy moved to Las Vegas in 2016 and is the founding physician, medical and laboratory director of the Nevada Fertility Institute (NFI) – a leading infertility and women’s health facility that offers a warm and caring environment partnered with superior clinical outcomes. Founded by a Johns Hopkins and Yale-trained physician-scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Cindy Duke, NFI follows a patient-centered healthcare system to accommodate patients’ values and preferences in an individualized care plan.

For more information about the institution, please visit the website at You may also check on Dr. Cindy’s social media accounts and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her personal website and blog.



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