Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland’s 4th Congressional District. (Courtesy photo)

By Ralph E. Moore Jr.
Special to the AFRO

Anthony Brown is running for Attorney General for the state of Maryland.  His name may sound familiar to you.  He has been the Representative for the 4th Congressional District for the past five years, but he also served as the state’s lieutenant governor from 2007-2015. He is a longtime public servant, a military veteran and most notably, he has gotten a top-of-the-line college and legal education from Harvard and used them in the service of others.  

Perhaps that is why there is such an impressive list of Blacks for Brown. He has worked at the state level as a delegate and at the federal level as a congressman.  And his support is widespread particularly in Baltimore City. Those who have endorsed Brown for Attorney General include: City Council President Nick Mosby, State Senators Jill Carter and Charles Sydnor, the Maryland House of Delegates Majority Whip Delegate Talmadge Branch, Delegate Chanel Branch, 12th District Baltimore City Councilman Robert Stokes and longtime civil rights attorney, William “Billy” Murphy.

The themes that dwell through all of the endorsement statements for Brown are: integrity, commitment to equity (fairness) and transparency.  His endorsers are confident he would carry his values and determination from his work in the halls of Congress to laboring in the chief legal office of the state of Maryland. Brown, if elected, would supervise a staff that will serve as “legal advisors and representatives of the major agencies, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government.” One cannot take lightly these words of support for Anthony Brown for Attorney General

Retired Circuit Court Judge William “Billy” Murphy said, “He fights for justice, he fights for equity, he fights for what’s right, not just for the few and the privileged, but for everyone especially those in need.”

Nick Mosby, President of the Baltimore City Council remarked, “Anthony has always been ahead of his time, a voice for the voiceless.” “We’re at the crossroad of opportunity and change,” Mosby continues, “Congressman Brown has shown he has both the experience and drive needed to get the hard things done on behalf of the people and the communities he serves.”  

State Senator Jill Carter (District 41) calls Anthony Brown “fair and smart.” “He is a very decent human being. He has always been a person who has integrity. He would make sure the unemployment system and the eviction prevention program would work better for the people.”

East Baltimore City Councilman Robert Stokes stated with confidence, “Anthony Brown is the most qualified candidate in the race for MD Attorney General. He is a consensus builder. The Attorney General must reach out more to poor Black and Brown communities. And we need more cooperation among the leaders of state government to work better with each other and with our city officials.  Anthony will do that.”

State Senator Charles Sydnor,III (District 44) states he looks forward to working with Anthony Brown as Attorney General “to improve the safety of our communities, protect our civil rights and ensure transparency throughout our government.”

Others who endorse Anthony Brown for Maryland Attorney General are: the Majority Whip of the House of Delegates Talmadge Branch (District 45) and State Delegate Chanel Branch (District 45). Talmadge Branch said, “Brown is a relentless champion for underserved communities and for a transparent, accountable government.”

While interviewing Anthony Brown, one hears confidence and a willingness to respond directly to any question put to him.  He admits that the U.S. Congress has changed dramatically since he entered the institution five years ago, but he remains proud of the work he’s been able to get done for his constituents.  He enumerated eliminating health disparities, ending price gouging in the face of supply shortages, the enforcement of environmental laws and regulations and diversity in the upper reaches of Maryland government leadership as some of his issues.  

Anthony Brown left this writer with a striking impression of who he is. He proudly touted his staff for the great work they do every day.  He informed this interviewer that his staff received the 20210 Transparency and Accountability Award from the independent Congressional Management Foundation.  Open, robust and meaningful communication with constituents and stakeholders as well as information to assure clarity regarding the Member’s activities is why the staff was cited.  Anthony Brown promises his practice of speaking and listening to constituents in town halls, school gyms and community centers, as has been his way, will continue when he is Attorney General. Residents of Maryland will likely welcome the engagement of Anthony Brown and he will continue to listen and learn as is his professed and practiced style of government service.

Ralph E. Moore Jr.

The Maryland State Gubernatorial Primary Election, which includes the race for Attorney General, is Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

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