Five years ago, while at a routine doctor’s visit, Vincent Sharps had a wakeup call. His doctor told him that his blood pressure was extremely high, his cholesterol was high and he was overweight. His doctor had a “come to Jesus” talk with Vince telling him if he continued down this path, he wouldn’t be around to see his son graduate high school.

Vincent Sharps (Courtesy Photo)

Along with the high-risk factors of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, he also has a family history of heart disease and his doctor basically told him this was a life or death decision. So, at the age of 33, he was facing a choice, to change his lifestyle or continue down the path he was headed. He chose life!

With his doctor’s advice, he began to do things to first lower his blood pressure. He changed his eating habits, he stopped eating fast food, stopped drinking sugar sweetened beverages and began to drink his body weight in ounces of water daily and finally he began to exercise. Over the course of a year Vince lost 85lbs.

Now at the age of 38 he has brought down his blood pressure to 120/80, his has lowered his cholesterol and has improved his heart health. Vince continues to lead a healthy lifestyle. He is a true inspiration and continues to lead those around him to live a healthy lifestyle. As a VP at Mindgrub Technologies, he encourages a healthy lifestyle within the work place and is personally and professionally involved with the American Heart Association Greater Maryland!