By Tashi McQueen

AFRO Political Writer

Baltimore business owner Bob Wallace announced his 2024 bid for Baltimore City mayor on Oct. 12, but this time he’s running as a Democrat. He ran unaffiliated in 2020 and came second to Mayor Brandon M. Scott in the General Election.

“I think that the Democratic Party has the solutions our community needs in terms of economic equality and leadership,” Wallace told the AFRO on why he changed his political affiliation.  “Instead of getting hung up on the party, need to think about solutions. Who’s got the answers to solve problems?”

Wallace’s platform includes economic development, improving the education system and reducing crime and violence.

Former mayoral candidate Bob Wallace announced he’s running again in 2024, but this time as a Democrat. He ran as an independent candidate in 2020. Wallace promises to improve education, reduce crime through community partnerships and improve Baltimore’s economy as mayor. (Photo Courtesy of Bob Wallace/Facebook)

“Traditionally, the police as an institution has not been the friend of the African-American community,” he said. “That has to change, and we need to build that trust and make that happen.” 

Wallace said that he would seek a new CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools and Board of School Commissioners, and reform the school system to fit the needs of the future job economy if elected.

“We’re going to go to the industry, universities and ask them to sit down and tell us what are the skills that you are looking for in your workforce,” said Wallace. “We’re going to backward integrate that, designing a school system and a curriculum that meets the needs of the future economy.”

Wallace also said he plans to work regularly with the community to help address the crime issues in the city. 

“ through the churches and faith-based leaders. We’re going to have a council of community leaders,” said Wallace. “We’re not going to just go at them when there’s a problem. We have them at the table from the very beginning.”

Wallace joins the incumbent mayor, former mayor Sheila Dixon, Wendell Hill-Freeman and Wendy Bozel in the 2024 race.