Bolstering Black Women’s Political And Economic Power: Introducing BlackHer


By Angela Dorn
Special to the AFRO

Black women in America are using their power and belief in themselves to change their lives and America for the better. 

Think of Stacey Abrams, the Georgia politician who, had it not been for cheating and voter intimidation, would have been America’s first Black woman governor, or activist Alicia Garza, one of several Black women who started the Black Lives Matters movement, which is forcing the U.S. to confront systemic racism in a new social justice movement. 

Think of YOU.

The boldfaced names are familiar, but the fact is that there are 24 million Black women in the U.S., and today millions of us are taking action to change our nation’s course. We are inspiring leaders in our communities, workplaces and in our families.  Most of us push for equality, fairness, and other forms of social change within our sphere of influence every day.

With such offerings as the Black Woman’s Guide to the 2020 Elections, BlackHer is an organization that works to bolster the political and economic power of Black women. (Courtesy Photo)

BlackHer is an online media company created by and for Black women who want to empower themselves, and who want the United States to be a fairer country. Jocelyn Harmon and I are BlackHer’s co-founders. Our BlackHer Weekly and our BlackHer Guides educate and inspire Black women to take action to increase our political and economic power and to fight for change. 

Through interviews with “BlackHer Sheroes,” we show that Black women all over the country are working for social justice. We drive equity movements at work, lead nationwide protests against racism and run for office in our communities. BlackHer has interviewed over 100 powerful and amazing women, including Garza, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Google Executive Michele Jawando, and filmmaker Angela Tucker, to name a few.

Through the articles that we present in “Get Educated” we hope to show our readers that America’s current socio-economic and political courses are immoral and dangerous for Black women and that we must demand change.

With less than 100 days until the Nov. 3 election, Black folks must exercise our political power! BlackHer created the Black Woman’s Guide to the 2020 Election to help to get out the vote in the upcoming election. Voting for candidates who have earned our vote by supporting us on critical issues is one of the ways that Black people have been able to protect our interests. Black women are reliable voters who can win elections for the candidates we support. 

(Courtesy Photos/Facebook)

This year, Democrats are motivated to demonstrate their commitment to Black people to get the Black vote out. Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, may even choose a Black woman as his running mate. 

The guide explains why Black lives and freedom depend upon our voting, highlights great Black candidates who are running for office and encourages readers to fight to elect the candidates they support through donations and volunteerism. Finally, the guide provides tips on how to ensure that your vote gets counted by registering or confirming your voter registration in advance of the election. It even tells readers what to do if they show up on election day, and someone tries to stop them from voting.  

Over 30 million people are unemployed in the U.S., COVID 19 has left over 160,000 people dead, and protests for justice for George Floyd and too many others have all contributed to our nation’s turmoil. None of this turmoil means that Donald Trump or any other incumbents who have caused or ignored our current problems will lose their runs for re-election.  In truth, this onslaught of recent events has just highlighted the divisions that we already knew existed in our society, like vast economic inequality, systemic racism, and a lack of real opportunity for so many, that are tearing us apart. But since we are used to these problems in our society, many will try to continue to ignore them. The problem is that these are the divisions that we must address for the U.S. to survive, let alone thrive in the 21st century. 

At BlackHer, we believe that Black women, through collective action, can change the world, win elections and defeat even the most corrupt systems. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the Black Lives Matter movement of today show us that Black people and Black women can and will lead America forward toward truth and equality. Do your part in the fight: VOTE! May BlackHer’s Election Guide help you to do so!

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