Ezekiel Bowen, 10, Daniel Bowen, 40, DeQuency Bowen, 39, Cynthia Bowen, 8, and Joshua Bowen, nine months came specifically for the commemoration from West Brookville, N.Y.

“Watching the site on the news was not enough for us. We had to bring our family here to see a monument dedicated to the life of this great Black man,” said DeQuency Bowen. “As I strolled down the peace wall reading the words, it made me feel that all leaders of today from every country in the world should come here, carefully read the phrases and incorporate the words in their everyday lives.

Daniel Bowen said in his new role as the nurturer of his children, he wants to make sure that they understand what King meant to all people, not just Blacks. “His life works showed us there is no struggle that you can not overcome through peaceful means. And my whole life now is dedicated to making sure my children thoroughly understand it.”

“We know it’s a struggle for others to accept us as equal. But Dr. King showed us no matter what obstacles are thrown in our way, we shall and will overcome them through peaceful means rather than war,” said Daniel Bowen.


Valencia Mohammed

Special to the AFRO