In its final push to raise funds for the expansion of its Northwest Center, leaders at nonprofit food assistance organization Bread for the City announced they’d reached an $8.25 million capital campaign goal. The funds will help double the center’s size and takes place on the vacant 11,000-square-foot lot next to their Seventh Street N.W. site.

The building’s hallmark is its medical clinic, which will allow nearly three times the capacity for patient visits. “It was no small feat to raise this much money in the midst of the greatest recession in my lifetime. And I am especially proud of my role, not just as a member of the Capital Campaign Committee, but also as a Bread for the City patient,” said Dorothy Hawkins, a member of the organizations board of directors, in an e-mailed statement. “I came here a decade ago, a while after I’d lost my longtime job.

Bread for the City helped me put food on my table, provided me with some of the best health care I’ve ever received, and even gave me the resources and inspiration I needed to get back into the job market and eventually find a new job. Since my new job lacks health insurance, I stayed on with Bread for the City as a patient and eventually I became a member of the Board of Directors.”

Started in 1974, Bread for the City not only provides food assistance to the District’s needy families, but seeks to remedy all issues related to poverty. The agency began as two organizations; Zacchaeus Free Clinic and Bread for the City. The two entities merged in 1995 and currently operate two buildings while providing direct services to low-income residents at no cost.

The Northwest Center’s grand opening takes place Jan 7. For more information, visit