Gimme a break, Bristol over Brandy? Not only did the Tea Party dramatize its red voting power in the recent mid term elections, but it now has shown its clout in the voting for who reigns on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) dance floor. How else could Bristol Palin Cha-Cha-Cha her way to be among the DWTS final three contesting dance couples?

Clearly, Brandy is the better dancer as reflected by the judge’s scoring which continuously put her and Jennifer Grey at the top of the leader board. But, should we really be surprised, the writing was on the wall when handsome Rick Fox got the ax. The 6’6’ ex-NBA star showed his dancing skills with agility, lightness and a gracefulness undetected on the basketball court. And, his megawatt smile that radiated and revealed perfect teeth was worth enough points to keep him in the game way longer than “Bristol the Pistol” or the affable and adorable other African-American male, Kyle Massey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Bristol hater. She has put her best left foot forward since day one. There is the occasional bend of the knee, a forced toss of the head and slight thrust of an Alaskan hip almost as seductive as ritualized spawning salmon swimming upstream. So, kudos are due for her effort, courage and mostly the talents of her dance partner, Mark Ballas, who leads Bristol like a dancing doll attached to his feet.

Of course, the disappointment of Brandy’s banishing is much more painful since soulful dancing, being part of our DNA, permits us to naturally move and groove to most any beat.

As I see it, a show-down between just Brandy and Bristol is needed to level the dancing field. My plan is simple, place the ladies next to each other, dressed alike in form fitting outfits, and let them” boogie, woogie, woogie” the Electric Slide, the ultimate no partner to depend on, line dance. Yes, America this is where shimmies, shakes, wiggles and sex appeal define a true dance diva. This is the dance that invites individuality, creativity and attitude. “She’s movin’ like electric. She sure got the boogie”. Now, let’s see Bristol get down!

But, we know that season 11 of DWTS has not been about voting for the best dancer. The popular dance show and Bristol Palin have both become political pawns of Sarah Palin’s devoted followers of the uber conservative, grassroots, Tea Party Movement. We witnessed their moderate success in the recent mid-term elections, which proved that we need to take these people seriously. They are all over and if that’s not enough Palin influence, just tune into TLC’s new reality TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Scarily, all of this exposure ramps up the Palin effect, encouraging a possible 2012 run for the presidency.

As we learned in 2008, voting does count and once again we are called into action to vote smart. On Monday night, Bristol, Jennifer and Kyle will come together for the last time to flaunt the best they’ve got and if you were outraged by last Monday’s outcome than it is your duty to pick-up the phone and vote. Not red or black, vote Grey.

Debbie Wood is a Washington area resident and a committed viewer of DWTS.