According to, over 20 African-American leaders in California are calling for the resignation of Alice Huffman, president of NAACP’s California State Conference, after she announced her support of efforts to legalize marijuana in the state.

Among those allegedly calling for her resignation is Bishop Ron Allen, a member of the International Faith-Based Coalition, who said Proposition 19 would be harmful to Black Americans.

“Why would the state NAACP advocate for Blacks to say high,” Allen said, according to the report. “It’s going to cause crime to go up. There will be more drug babies.”

Huffman said she will not resign and continues to support the controversial Proposition 19.

“Prop. 19 is about eliminating enforcement practices that are targeting and creating a permanent underclass of citizens, of African Americans, caught in a criminal justice system while other people, a more privileged class, go free,” Huffman said in a statement. ?According to the report, Allen said Huffman’s position may be motivated by financial gain offered by The Open Society Institute – a marijuana legalization group – that recently gave the NAACP $700, 000.