Founder and CEO of UniverSoul Circus, Cedric Walker.

Founder and CEO of UniverSoul Circus, Cedric Walker, has spent the past the 23 years putting smiles on the faces of families.

“At this time in our history we need to come together, to embrace and learn from each other,” Walker, a native of Baltimore, told the AFRO. “I believe the circus naturally brings people together. In 23 years of searching for talent, I have journeyed to every continent to find a multicultural, multinational mix of talent to showcase.”

As the UniverSoul Circus tour kicked off on June 30 at the National Harbor near Washington, D.C., Walker brought out incredible acts from across the globe. Each day was different and filled with acts like the dancing elephant’s “Soul Circus Divas,” “Airborne,” “Fresh The Clownsss,” “Trinity,” “Quick Change,” “Caribbean Dynasty,” “Fly High” and “The Porcelain Dolls.”

Walker was inspired to bring families together while young man attending Christ Edmonson Methodist Church in Baltimore. It was there that he saw how much joy families could have while fellowshipping.

Growing up in Baltimore, Walker’s passion for circus acts started when he attended the circus with his family. After attending Edmondson-Westside High School, he left his hometown in the 70’s and moved to Tuskegee, Ala. with his uncle who owned a night club.


The UniverSoul Circus’s Moko Jumbie, or stilt walkers, performing. (Courtesy photo)

Walker worked with his uncle for big time R&B soul groups like The Commodores as a stage and production manager, and The Jackson 5 as a promoter. He also helped organize and produce the Fresh Festival, one of the first Hip-Hop music tours.

Following his stint in the entertainment industry, he decided to follow his own dreams and in 1993 started what was then called the Universal Big Top Circus.

“He traveled the world, he studied…he pretty much became an expert and then wanted to create a new type of circus,” said senior public relations manager Hank Ernest. Walker has traveled to locations such as South Africa, Europe, China, Trinidad, Columbia and Ethiopia, among others.

Walker’s wife and Universoul vice president, Cynthia Walker, is now in charge of finding new talent from around the world.

At a UniverSoul Circus performance, music ranging from Hip-Hop, jazz, Pop, R&B, Latin and more will be heard.

As they continue to travel on tour to hit major cities like Houston, Dallas, St.Louis and Detroit, the company is looking for new locations in North America to go to.

“We plan to continue to keep growing…for now we are certain of expanding the tour with different live entertainment,” Ernest said.