The doctor who medicated singer Michael Jackson in his last hours is expected to be charged on February 8 with involuntary manslaughter in the pop singer’s death.

Murray is accused of administering a lethal combination of medication which ultimately caused the pop singer to go into cardiac arrest.

According to an Associated Press report, Murray had been set to surrender on February 5 but, just hours before he was to be taken into custody, prosecutors announced they would wait three days to file charges.

Prosecutors originally wanted to file charges earlier in the week, but negotiations over the terms of Murray’s surrender delayed the process

According to the Los Angeles Times, Murray has made arrangements for his surrender including gathering his passport and meeting with bail bond companies. But his surrender was held up by negotiations of how his bail should be set, and authorities’ insistence of publishing photos of Murray in handcuffs.

A representative for the Jackson family said they are disturbed with the treatment Murray has been given by authorities and asked for harsher charges to be filed.

The family’s attorney, Brian Oxman, told CBS’ “The Early Show” that Murray’s actions “rose to the level of such recklessness you would say this was a second-degree murder charge.”

While Murray wants the situation to be played out with as little media attention as possible, the family welcomes a public, highly-visible process, Oxman said.

“I think the Jackson family wants to have an airing of this in public,” Oxman said. “I spoke to Mr. Jackson yesterday and Latoya Jackson last night. They want justice for Michael Jackson.”