Sepsenahki Aahkhu, better known as Chef Ahki, is a celebrity chef who recently launched “Electric! A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid and Wild Foods,” a collection of organic, wild food recipes, focused on the sweet and savory secrets of fruits and vegetables in their purest form, to heal bodies and enhance lives.

Chef Ahki  released the book in January. Her experience includes cooking for several celebrities, including Lenny Kravitz, Bradley Cooper, Curtis Martin, COMMON, Waka Flocka and Lee Daniels. She is also the the CEO of Delicious Indigenous Foods.

“Your taste buds have been hijacked and illness is unnecessary. Human bodies are electric and we need that good sunlight that comes from our leafy green vegetables and delicious fruits to sustain our bodies.” Ahki told the AFRO.

As a colon therapist in Atlanta, Georgia,  Ahki said she grew tired of seeing countless clients sick and started offering health consultations in hopes of teaching patients how to gain control of their health.

“We are not supposed to be sick. I’ll never forget working with a mother whose infant was born dangerously premature, on the verge of death and after a short time of consultations and healthy recipes, was totally rejuvenated and is now a happy and nutritious baby.” Ahki said.

She fully transitioned into the vegan lifestyle at 18, but never saw it as an obstacle. She came from four generations of medicinal women and worked in her grandmother’s garden in Oklahoma as a child.

“When people mention how expensive or costly healthy food is, all I can say to that is, which is cheaper? Healthy edibles or long-term treatments and medications for colon disease, heart problems and cancers?” Ahki said.

With vegan recipes such as sesame ginger noodles, key lime pies and non-hybrid chocolate ganache tarts, Ahki’s experiences show that food can still be healthy and taste good.

Along with non-hybrid recipes, Ahki holds periodic lectures on good health with particular interest to Black audiences.

“Don’t worry, you ain’t depressed, you just Malnutrition.” she said.

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