By Perry Green, AFRO Sports

Multiple Cleveland Police officers were recently exposed for using racial slurs, including use of the “n-word” to describe Black players from the Ohio State University football team.

According to a report, Detective John Kraynik called multiple Ohio State players n*ggers during personal text conversations with a fellow policeman.

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback J.T. Barrett, then with Ohio State University, was the subject of racist text messages between Cleveland police officers. (Instagram Photo)

“All that ‘n*gger flash’, once again, losing out to good old-fashioned hard-nosed football,” Kraynik texted from his personal phone during a 2016 game between Ohio State and its rival, Michigan, as reported by

Kraynik reportedly also texted “f*cking n*ggers can’t play QB,” to the same colleague during the same game. Ohio State’s quarterback at the time was J.T. Barrett, who is Black.

Kraynik’s racist texts were exposed after Cleveland Police’s Internal Affairs department began looking into an unrelated incident involving the officer Kraynik was texting. Unnamed in the report, the other officer, now retired, was being investigated on sexual assault allegations. The former officer was also exposed for using racially offensive language in the text conversation with Kraynik – he reportedly replied to Kraynik, saying “Maybe they need to throw some more bananas on the practice field” in reference to the Ohio State team.

Another Cleveland officer, Patrolman Aaron Pettit, had also shared a racist text conversation with the ex-cop. Pettit used a racial slur used to describe Middle Eastern Muslim people.

Both Kraynik and Pettit were handed short suspensions and ordered to attend sensitivity training as punishment for using the racial slurs. Cleveland’s Police Patrolman’s Association filed a suit against the Police Department for punishing the officers, according to, claiming the officers were unrightfully disciplined because they were having a private conversation off duty.


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor