The costs of higher education have reached  epic proportions. Most students have to take out loans and work just to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. So, if you accidentally got $1 million transferred into your financial aid account, what would you do?

South African student Sibongile Mani. (Twitter Photo)

The Mistake                                                                                                              Well, one South African student was put to the test when her normal $100 stipend for food and books was considerably larger than usual. Sibongile Mani is studying accounting, but she didn’t need a degree to recognize the windfall. The 27-year old wasted no time enjoying her new-found wealth.

Mani upgraded every area of her lifestyle. One student told The Herald Live that she all of a sudden started wearing expensive designer clothing. Mani also bought things for her friends, traveled, and threw lavish parties.  More….