Fresh off a visit to the District, comedian and actor Michael Colyar, recognized for his appearances on “BET Live from LA,” The Long Shot and Malice N’ Wonderland, recently debuted his comedic CD, Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits and the Great Unknowns. The CD, which is available on iTunes and retailers, features the longtime funny man’s brassy brand of humor as well as the musical efforts of hip hop’s underground talents.

The release includes a sampling of underground hip hop stars including the DBoyz, C.B.Y.A., Dirty MJG and 8Ball. In addition, Colyar remembers late rapper MC Breed with a special tribute selection and, in a new move, tackles rap with “Who’s the King?”

Colyar first gained notoriety in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach, where he entertained crowds for 9 years. But the entertainer and motivational speaker’s breakout moment came in 1990 when he won the $100,000 Grand Prize Comedy championship on popular talent competition “Star Search.” He quickly donated $50,000 to homeless charities in the Los Angeles area.

The comedian said he hopes to give back to others with his newest project.

“God has given me a great gift and it’s important for me to give something back…I love music…I love Hip-Hop, and there are so many young artists who just need a chance,” said the performer in a statement. “That’s what I want to do, give them that chance.”

Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits and the Great Unknowns is available now. He also has several projects in the works, including “A Poetry Book for Adult Children” and “Where in the World is Michael Colyar?”