PG Comm Empowerment Ctr2

Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) announced another milestone in cementing the relationship between its education and financial progress endeavors on June 23.  In a monumental collaboration with United Way of the National Capital Area (United Way NCA), the community college opened the first Financial Empowerment Center housed on the Largo, Maryland campus.

The goal of the new financial center is to work within communities in urban settings, where the ratio of households living on very modest means can be lowered through financial tutorials.  Noting the significant disparity between families earning substantial funds and those living at the poverty level where accumulating savings and investments is far from reality, the center is set to engage the public in methods to avoid financial hardship.

“The opening of the Financial Empowerment Center on the campus of Prince George’s Community College is not only a momentous occasion, but a significant achievement that will have a tremendous impact on this community,” Betty Habershon, director of the Financial Center at PGCC, said at the ribbon cutting. “Through our free programs and an abundance of resources, individuals and families who have customarily been under-served will break those cycles and now step onto a leveled playing field designed to enhance their quality of life through financial training.”

Sudden unemployment, unexpected emergencies, or serious medical issues can send a family into financial devastation. Real-world solutions and tangible resources designed to inform, educate, and empower individuals and families is what is being offered through the partnership between United Way NCA and the college. “Education about banking products and services, budgeting and fiscal management will transform the participants’ perspective about money, and financial responsibility will no longer feel daunting, but more like freedom,” Habershon said.

The center is specifically designed to provide expertise to help individuals and families in Prince George’s County advance on a path toward financial stability without all of the cost normally associated with this level of service. Those interested in taking advantage of the array of resources can tap into services that include financial coaching, small business coaching, financial workshops and tax preparation, including prior year and amended tax returns.

The center is one the first of several financial centers that United Way NCA will open across the region as part of its Community Commitment, which is a $12.3 million investment to address education, financial stability, and health of residents throughout the National Capital community over the next five years.

For more information about the center at PGCC or to make appointments for any of the FREE services offered, please call Victoria Saunders, FEC coordinator at 301-546-1332 or visit