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Gail Crowder is the Founder and President of Gail Crowder, Inc.; a full service image consulting firm in Maryland.

BALTIMORE – Gail Crowder believes she is on a mission from God – to make sure Christian husbands and wives have the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships possible, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. She spreads her message through an annual, two-day Bringing Sexy Back Conference. The event, scheduled for Jan 24-25, 2015 in Germantown, Md., is in its sixth year.

It began when Crowder, an image consultant, was at a networking event with some old friends. While at lunch, one friend blurted out that she and her husband were having issues in the bedroom. Crowder said that in more than 15 years of friendship, the friends had never discussed sex. It was like a dam broke, she said, with the conversation going on for hours.

She said that afterword, she was struck by how many years of friendship it took for the women to have that conversation. After that, she said, God was nudging her towards something. “Every time I would get ready to pray, God was saying to me, ‘Gail you really should do something about it.’ There are women all over the world, especially Christian women, who don’t have anywhere to have that conversation, or have anyone to have that conversation with.”

Now, she said that she is focusing on the things that keep marriages united and happy. “Most people are divorcing over finances and the lack of sex and intimacy. We talk about all the issues, all the stuff that we face as wives.”

She said the conference has opportunities to learn about all kinds of things that can spice up a marriage – like boudoir photography, sexy dancing, and even cooking with foods that are natural aphrodisiacs.

It is a Christian conference, but Crowder says she has faced some resistance from churches who balked at the idea of frank talk about sex. “I have faced a lot of challenges. Some pastors are afraid to face this issue,” she said. However, she points them straight to the Bible.

“I take them straight to Song of Solomon and tell them to read that book and see what God says about the marital bed,” she says. “BSB is a Christian conference, but we don’t throw Christianity at any woman. It’s a conference to help women bring their sexy back.”

For those with broken relationships, and in situations where they are being physically and emotionally abused, she has certified counselors and life coaches available.

And does it work? Crowder thinks so. “I have woman who came with divorce papers and torn up those divorce papers.”