By Beverly Richards
Special to the AFRO

Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins, president, and the faculty and staff of Coppin State University welcomed the Class of 2025 during the September 16 Fall Convocation

Convocation fosters kinship. It is one of the few times of the year where most of the campus community, including students, administrators, and faculty members, get together in one location. University administrators and faculty don their academic regalia to welcome the newest Eagles home. This storied tradition is an opportunity for administrators and faculty to show their dedication to helping students succeed. It marks the inauguration of a new academic year, and with it, the hope of accomplishment in every aspect of student life.  

Coppin State President Anthony L. Jenkins with First Lady Toinette Jenkins.

It’s always an honor to talk to a population of our campus community that in my opinion, has the greatest opportunity to profoundly influence the university’s culture, its environment and its reputation. And that is our incoming class. So, it goes without saying that my expectations of you are very high and those assembled in this room and across our beautiful campus, are proud of you, each one of you, because you have worked hard to get here,” said Dr. Anthony Jenkins.

The President challenged the students to be accountable for each other because they will be pushed to their creative limits. While faculty will be there to support them, he encouraged each student to be an illustration of hard work and dedication. And “force each other to do better, be better, want better, and to live better,” he implored. 

“But most importantly,” he said, “be the example of a loyal and great Eagle.” “I want you to embrace your university, respect her, defend her, and represent her with the highest integrity, understanding that no matter where you go, she will be there reminding you of how majestic you really are.”

The freshmen were reminded that they represent the future, not just for their families and community, but for their new university. They are the architects of the next chapter. They will one day leave Coppin prepared to do what every Eagle since 1900 has done. Coppin Eagles make every environment they enter better through education, social justice, law, politics, business, sports medicine, the arts, and military service.

 “Coppin State is your university now, and together, we will chart forth a path that will allow us to do great things. Our pace will be brisk, and our trajectory will be north. I’m challenging you to start thinking now about your impact and your legacy at Coppin State University, because this is not just a pass through. This is a transformation. This is an experience, and it is all about you,” said the president.

Dr. Jenkins concluded Convocation with four goals for the new scholars, “I want you to get involved. I want you to grow. I want you to graduate and I want you to give back. And if you do those things, I promise you that your college experience will be second to none. Welcome to the family. Thank you for joining Coppin State University and go Eagles.”

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