There will be a breakfast discussion on the creative economy and how it can contribute to spur economic growth and competitiveness globally. The discussion will explore the role of multilateral development banks. Speaker will include: Solenne Blanc, Ernst and Young; Juan Mateos Garcia, Nesta; Shanti Jagannathan, Asian Development Bank; Michaela Weber, World Bank; Lisa Harding, Caribbean Development Bank; Emanuela Gregorio, African Development Bank; Jose Maria Garcia, former Director General Cultural Heritage and Urban Development, City of Madrid; Jonathan Olsberg, Specialist Audiovisual Industry

Edna dos Santos, UNITAR; Trinidad Zaldivar, Inter-American Development Bank. The moderator will be Helga Flores Trejo, Inter-American Development Bank Governments. The event is scheduled to be held on July 14 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Inter-American Development Bank, 1350 New York Ave., NW in rooms B502-504. Admission is free. To register, visit