How are you surviving this heat wave? Pool parties are all the coolest thing in D.C. right now and celebrities have joined in on the trend. Also, summer is the perfect time for many free performances around the District. See which of your favorite celebs have been spotted in the city.

Rick Ross recently celebrated his album release at Josephine Lounge. Local athletes came to party with him including Baltimore native Aaron Maybin as well as D.C. natives Vernon and Vontae Davis. Rick Ross also hosted a pool party but disappointed fans when he dipped that night to Atlantic City to party with Diddy instead of performing at Ibiza Nightclub in Northeast.

Rick Ross explained the situation on the Big Tigger Morning Show saying, “At the end of the day, Ricky Rozay was here. I was here in the city. All the business wasn’t handled.”

Speaking of the Big Tigger Morning Show, hosts Big Tigger and Danella were spotted partying inside Penang Lounge last Friday. Also spotted on the party scene were many of the NFL’s youngest players including Darnell Dockett, Vontae Davis, Geoff Pope and Greg Toler, who were among the hosts for last week’s party at Bar 7.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons were in the District along with the sons of LA Reid, Aaron and Antonio to choose the finalists for their New Voices Tour. The mini music moguls are traveling around the Nation to find the best new voices in music.

While Nelly performed live at Fur Nightclub last Friday, rapper OJ Da Juiceman partied with Angela and Vanessa Simmons at Layla Lounge.

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