By Justin Johnson, AFRO Staff Writer

Georgia Avenue just got a lot sweeter. 

D.C. native Karin Sellers made her dreams a reality by bringing the Georgia Avenue corridor its first Black woman owned ice cream shop, Here’s The Scoop

Karin Sellers was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age. 

Here’s the Scoop store manager Earnest Telfaire and store owner Karin Sellers on opening day.

“My father, Milton Douglas, was very big on passing things down. He wanted to create generational wealth,” Sellers said. 

The lack of diverse food offerings in the neighborhood led to the idea of a dessert shop. 

“I saw a need for desserts here, plus Georgia Avenue hasn’t always been a positive place. The community needed other options.” Sellers added.

The grand opening on June 29 saw a huge crowd despite the sweltering weather. “I’ve never had sherbet this good,” first time customer Sam Yaworski said. 

Here’s the Scoop is a new Black woman owned ice cream shop on Georgia Avenue. (Photo by Justin Johnson)

The menu is unique in that it is centered around products from multiple bakers. 

“I am most proud that I am able to give them another platform.” Sellers said. 

Vegan options are also in the works and expected to be featured soon.

The stores motto is “Community One Treat At A Time.” Sellers embodies her motto in a variety of ways, including employing local youth. “I wanted to train young people in entrepreneurship and how to succeed in it,” Sellers said.

 “Cars and clothes are nice, but you have to make sure your foundation is solid,” she added.

The store’s environment is exceptionally warm and welcoming. The outdoor patio is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your frozen treat. “The atmosphere that Karin was trying to create was a place where people could not only get ice cream but see their neighbors as well. That’s the type of stuff that builds community.” Sellers’ brother, Mark Douglas said. 

The idea for this shop was born in 2005 and included many ups and downs. “It was a lot of sleepless nights,” manager Earnest Telfaire said. 

“This was 14 years in the making. She put her all into this,” staff member Jackie Lassey said. “We work hard to prove her dreams weren’t for nothing,” she added.

Sellers admitted to feeling dejected from so many initial setbacks. Lack of capital made her vision more difficult to navigate. However, good fortune was on her side. She soon became the beneficiary of numerous grants, including a pivotal $50,000 grant from Great Street Funding. 

Here’s The Scoop is a play on the shop’s ice cream centered menu as well as its place as a community resource outlet. 

The outdoor patio area is planned to eventually be used as a staging area for pop-up events featuring other local small businesses. Tucked just across the street from Howard University, Here’s The Scoop stands to be a community staple.

Sellers hopes that customers will enjoy a variety of sweets while learning about important community happenings. Sellers cited her short term goals as staying grounded in the community, and continuing to deliver a quality product. Stop by any day of the week at 2824 Georgia Ave N.W and to learn more, visit them online at