Daisy B. Williams was born in Phoebus, Va. on March 9, 1913, and grew up with two brothers and one sister. She has such a nurturing and persevering demeanor that she pursued a nursing career and then later became a daycare provider for many years.

She attributes her longevity to God’s mercy, love, blessings and favor.

For Daisy’s 100th birthday in 2013, a wonderful celebration was held where Baltimore City Council president, Bernard “Jack” Young, honored her. Another grand gathering was held at Martin’s West in honor of her Centennial birthday.

Joining this year’s celebration, at an undisclosed location, will be her two daughters, generations of grandchildren, and a host of other family members and friends.

Her daughter, Dorothy Turner, said, “Throughout her life, she has always been a sophisticated and stylish lady, and she keeps that sense of style and sophistication at age 101.”