By George Kevin Jordan, AFRO Staff Writer

Dianah Shaw of POWER Consulting and Real Estate was installed as President of the District of Columbia Association of Realtors at the New Hampshire Avenue Northwest Headquarters this month- promising to continue connecting the industry, the people and the government together.

“I’m excited,” Shaw said in an interview with the AFRO. “I’ve been on the board for a few years and decided that I would step up. I am excited because of an opportunity to bring the state Association (DCAR), this industry and my love and passion for the community together.”

D.C. Council member Anita Bonds swearing in Dianah Shaw as the President of the District of Columbia Association of Realtors. (Courtesy Photo)

District of Columbia Council member Anita Bonds swore in Shaw at the ceremony. Also on hand was Elizabeth Mendenhall, the past president of National Association of Realtors who installed new Board members and executive committee for 2019.

Shaw will be responsible for directing the internal and external activities of the Association, attend all meetings of the DCAR Board of Directors and Executive Committee, represent the organization at important meetings and business functions as well as serve as the official spokesperson for the Association on issues relating to the local housing market and real estate industry, according to a press release.

“Our goal this year is to be in the community,” Shaw said. “We want to hit every ward and leave something there – installing a bench, planting a tree, something that represents the DCAR and something that has longevity.”

A Springfield, Massachusetts native, Shaw owns and operates POWER (People Organizing With Economic Resources) Consulting and Real Estate an independent, woman and African-American owned firm doing business primarily in the Washington, D.C. metro region.  POWER specializes  in the property management, residential sales and services and investor acquisition and support categories. The firm plans to expand operations in Shaw’s native Massachusetts as well as other markets in the coming years.

While showing up is one thing Shaw wants to accomplish for the community, education is another touchstone for the new President.

“It’s really important that we are educating the public,” Shaw said. “Education is powerful. As a service provider your clients depend on you. You help them get educated about what it is you can do for them as a professional – that is critical. Especially folks who are in the market today.”

Shaw spoke about the current real estate and the need for liaisons in the field.

“Rent rates are out of control,” Shaw said. “I say that only because your average family who is thinking to rent or buy in this area. The area has grown up. We function as a big city being the Capital although we are geographically limited.”

“I try to encourage more young people to look at non traditional ways of living, like shared living spaces. There ware ways to be creative to be affordable.”

Another important issue Shaw wants to tackle is collaboration of resources.

“From the community side, we are working with nonprofits and other organizations so we can address some of the issues of affordable housing,” Shaw said. “We want to be in partnership with D.C. government and the community about the things they’re concerned about.”

Shaw begins her year long term January of 2019.