In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, music producer and rapper Diddy called “Nightline” host Martin Bashir a racist for questioning his decision to purchase his son a Maybach car.

“There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum,” Diddy told Vibe. “The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him, I shouldn’t have done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does… The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question.”?

The media mogul purchased the silver-hued car, which costs about $360,000, for his son Justin’s 16th birthday.?

“You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids,” he continued. “And they buy ’em Porsches and convertible Bentleys, and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you.”

Justin’s mega-birthday party and new car were featured in an episode of MTV’s “Sweet 16.”