Record producer, rapper, and record label executive DJ Khaled surprised the world when he proposed to female rap artist Nicki Minaj on July 25.

Khaled proposed to Minaj live on MTV, beginning by expressing how he felt about Minaj. “Nicki Minaj. I’m at MTV and I want to be honest with you,” he said. “I love you. I like you. I want you, I want you to be mine.”

As news of the proposal spread, the two celebrities were the hottest topic in the entertainment news. Not only did Khaled announce that he wanted to marry Minaj, but he also brought an expensive ring with him.

But on July 29, Minaj spoke out on the supposed proposal on radio station Hot 97. “I was shocked just like the rest of the world and I was cracking up laughing with the rest of the world because Khaled is a master at what he does,” Minaj said in an interview with DJ Funkmaster Flex.

Minaj told listeners that nobody should believe Khaled—the proposal was just part of his plan for his upcoming video “I Wanna Be With You,” which features Minaj and rappers Rick Ross and Future.

Minaj said, “Please let it go. He was kidding. He’s not attracted to me. He doesn’t like me. We’re brother and sister.”

Khaled hinted at the marketing scheme when, he said that Minaj and himself were both “suffering from success,” which happens to be the title of his upcoming album.


Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer