The North Carolina woman who falsely accused three Duke University Lacrosse players of rape nearly five years ago may face more serious charges after her boyfriend, whom she stabbed, died of his injuries.

According to the Associated Press, Crystal Magnum, 32, was jailed after police said she stabbed her 46-year-old boyfriend Reginald Daye with a kitchen knife on April 3., Daye, was rushed to Duke University Hospital, where he eventually died on April 13.

The woman made national headlines in 2006 when she falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of rape during a party where she was hired to be a stripper.

Magnum, who has been in jail since the attack on her boyfriend, was initially charged with assault with a deadly weapon. But prosecutors are now considering revising the charges; according to ABC Durham, N.C. affiliate WTVD.

“Her demeanor was subdued as you would expect; she’s in custody for what was a serious offense which has now gotten extremely serious,” Magnum’s attorney, Woody Vann, told WTVD. Vann told the AP that Magnum will plead guilty at her arraignment, which has not been scheduled.

Durham police said Magnum stabbed Daye in the chest following an argument at an apartment the couple shared. Daye later told officials that Magnum stabbed him and took his money. He was placed on life support as his condition worsened, and eventually taken off when it was determined that he would not recover.

As of April 15, police had not released the charges against Magnum while prosecutors appeared to be waiting for the results of Daye’s autopsy.

“ will be a considerable length of time before we get a report from the medical examiner just due to the backlog in that office,” Vann told WTVD. “I’m not saying they will necessarily wait to get the medical examiner’s report before they determine whether or not they determine to go forward with the new charges, but it’s something they keep in mind.”