April 15, 2015

Contact: Dan Weber

(202) 225-8699

Edwards Statement Opposing the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (MD-4) issued the following statement in opposition to the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act, H.R. 1563.  The bill failed to receive the two-thirds majority vote required for passage.

“The Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act is more frivolous legislation by House Republicans as they continue to vilify federal employees.  The truth of the matter is this legislation would be counterproductive as federal agencies already have the ability to garner wages to pay delinquent taxes, which wouldn’t be possible if the employee is removed from their position.  It is also unnecessary since federal agencies already have the authority to initiate disciplinary action against employees for delinquent tax debts, which may include removal.

“This legislation also highlights the hypocrisy of House Republicans.  As they target the 4 percent of federal employees who owe back taxes, Republicans have cut over $1 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service, leaving the agency severely understaffed and with limited resources.  I once again urge House Republicans to stop playing these political games and join Democrats in addressing real challenges facing the nation.”