Empowerment Temple putting a spin on Easter

Baltimore, Maryland: March 30, 2021 Empowerment Temple AME Church today announced that it plans to air its very first self-produced “Cinematic Sermon” or movie this Sunday. A Cinematic Sermon is the merging of the story-telling cadence of a movie with the bible-centric message of a sermon. The story in the film, which Empowerment’s Senior Pastor GJ Barnes calls a parable, follows the life of a man named Justin, who has his life turned upside down with the onset of the Coronavirus. Pastor Barnes wrote and directed the piece and preached throughout the film.

For many years, Empowerment Temple has hosted thousands on Easter Sunday through in-person and online services, but with the restrictions of Covid-19 the church has not offered in-person worship services to the public. However, Pastor Barnes wanted to ensure that the Easter celebration was unique and powerful while members watched at home.

Pastor Barnes shared that, “the church can no longer be last producing relevant media that captures and influences the next generation.” In fact, the entire movie was shot in 72 hours by Empowerment Temple’s Media Team and casted with Empowerment Temple members.

The 30-minute Cinematic Sermon can be viewed this Sunday at 8AM, 10:30AM, 1PM, 3PM, and 6PM on Empowerment Temple’s website www.etame.org/live, Facebook and YouTube accounts @empowermenttempleame.

Here is a link to the trailer: www.etame.org/trailer

About Empowerment Temple: The history of our church is unique. Once celebrated as the fastest-growing AME church in history, we started on April 23, 2000, founded by the Reverend Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, where the church grew from 43 members to more than 4000 in 19 months. On February 23rd, 2019 the Reverend George Joseph ‘GJ’ Barnes was appointed as our second senior pastor and visionary. The church is comprised of people from all walks of life that believe in serving God and serving people. Reaching more than 10,000 people weekly in-person and online, The Empowerment Temple continues to be a beacon of light and an innovative house of worship that impacts the lives of people.

For more information visit us at: www.empowermenttemple.org