The 2017 prom season has officially arrived.

Jessica Dew wants to bring prom dreams to life by giving 10 students from Crossland High School in Prince George’s County makeovers for their prom. (Courtesy Photo)

For the 2017 season, 10 out of 20 students from Crossland High School in Temple Hills, Md. won the opportunity to get complete makeovers from Jessica Dew, founder and CEO of My Style Authority (MSA), a website that matches beauty and fashion industry professionals with clients.

The event called the “We PROMise Makeover,” is a contest broken into four phases. The first phase involved a competition between schools in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia on Twitter to see which school could form the most hash tags about why their school should receive the makeovers. The second phase required students to write essays about why he or she deserves a makeover. The third phase involved picking names, and the fourth phase will be the prom and the makeover. This is the first year Dew held the prom makeover contest and she plans to do it again next year.

According to Dew, who comes from a family of veterans, giving back to the community is very important. Her way of giving back is through helping others with their personal style.

On May 6 Gianna Asomani-Graham, Omozele Onoabhagbe, Jerri Perry, Jasmine Blackwell, Anica Marcelino and Josselyn Pastor-Gomez will receive makeovers from MSA. Four young men are also set to receive a makeover, include Moses Posey, Jordan Maddix, Delante Williams-Smith and Nathaniel Smith.

According to the My Style Authority website, the makeover will include hair, makeup, prom attire, accessories, and a party bus.

“Having style is having confidence and when you have confidence you are able to conquer the world,” Dew told the AFRO.