A delusional fan was given two years jail time after sending strange and explicit text messages to R&B singer Ashanti’s Mother, theGrio.com reported.

Devar Hurd, 31, expressed sorrow as he claimed he didn’t mean to annoy or upset the award-winning singer and her family when he sent the messages, some of which contained pictures of his genitalia as well as pictures of the family house that included comments of stopping by to visit.

“My intent was not to harm,” he told the judge. “I always wish the best for .”

Hurd was convicted in December on charges of stalking aggravated harassment. A spokeswoman for Tina Douglass, Ashanti’s mother and manager, said she was glad to see the case finally closed with his sentencing.

“We’re really so glad to have this behind us and we feel justice has been served,” Douglass told theGrio.com through her spokeswoman

Douglass said the text messages forced her to hire extra security personnel, as one of the messages from Hurd envisioned him living with the songstress. Douglass said Hurd viewed the text messages as simply “friendly” and “sex messages” and didn’t think he was doing any harm.

Hurd was diagnosed as having a delusional disorder following his conviction, New York Supreme Court Judge Thomas Farber told the Associated Press. However, initial psychiatric treatment efforts were unsuccessful because Hurd, who is originally from Indiana, has nowhere to stay in New York.

After sentencing Hurd was given the maximum possible sentence for the misdemeanor, and Farber recommended Hurd for psychiatric treatment in prison.

“It’s obvious to me that you need to get help,” the judge said.

Prosecutors pushed for Hurd to receive the maximum sentence, claiming he should be held responsible for the explicit text messages despite his psychiatric problems.

“Even if he believes that Ashanti was in love with him, his conduct was not that of a man wooing a woman. He was not sending her flowers, but rather barraging her mother with messages any parent would find objectionable,” Assistant District Attorney Carolina Holdemess told reporters.

The R&B singer did not attend Hurd’s sentencing, and none of her family members were in attendance.

A native of Glen Cove, N.Y., Ashanti received her first record deal at age 14. She is widely known for her hits “Foolish” and “Only U.”